A desk for your local team


Our competitive assets:

  •  20 year experience in providing desks and business support to Salesmen in Spain 
  • a turnkey solution 
  • a highly skilled team as for the development of foreign companies in Spain supporting the activity of your collaborator
  • the added value of the APERTI Export’s network

We provide a desk in our offices in Barcelona to your local collaborator: we offer 2 platforms in Barcelona, that gives him access to our local network, our contacts and our business experience in Spain.

  • Modern, bright and fully equipped offices in 2 locations in Barcelona
  • Each desk has enough space to keep the safety distances
  • We provide your company with an address in Spain
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Available meeting room
  • Follow up of the activity of your salesman
  • Network and contacts of APERTI Export team
  • Reporting to the headquarter
The mission of your salesman who works in a foreign countries is a challenge and an obstacle course. He has, indeed, extended responsabilities compared to your national salesteam.

Our added value for his success: a support in his missions and day-to-day implication in order to boost your development.
Jérôme Lefaure