Set up your local sales office

Rely on an experimented and local sales team to successfully set up your local office.



You want to create an office and/or recruit your sales force:

We recruit your salespersons and staff (sales, technical and administrative profiles) on your target market owing to your goals and expectations, as well as your corporate culture  in order to build a fully operational team.

  • Preparation of the recruitment tools, publishing of the advertisment and first selection of candidates
  • Realization of interviews and selection
  • Presentation of a shortlist of the best candidates
  • Assessment of the candidate’s integration at the end of the trial period

For each step of the creation and management of your office on the target market, we help you to choose the most suitable legal solution, and we introduce your to our network of legal experts and accountants.

  • Presentation of the legal solutions that may be used for the set up of your local office
  • Introduction to legal experts and accountants for the creation of your office

You are looking for a simple commercial address or salesperson management:

LocalDesk® allows you to outsource the management of your office on the market: we provide a desk in our offices in Barcelona as well as our businesss resources to your salesperson.

  • Offices in the city center, bright workspace, and the office equipments that are required for your staff’s activity
  • High speed internet, telephone, fax and standard as an option
  • Professional atmosphere and business ressources that APERTI Export’s business activity can offer

We bring you a solution to eliminate the  distance barrier as well as the difficulties that arise from the lack of time: we manage the activity of your salesperson in order to help him achieving his business objectives.

  • Management of the business activity and of the objective’s achievement
  • Support during the salesperson’s missions
  • Interface and debriefing with your company
  • Proposal of new actions to ensure your development

You want to project a local presence:

We offer you the possibility to get a postal address in your target market. In order to give  a local phone number and front office to your customers, a person from our team can also be trained to your offer and sales strategy in order to become the link between the market and your company.

  • Postal company address and local phone number
  • Phone front office

For the setting up of your local subsidiary, we provide you support for the search of sites (offices, commercial or industrial buildings, greenfields) and we introduce you to our key partners regarding legal and financial aspects.

  • Identification of sites, facilities or offices according to a precise mission statement
  • Shortlist of the most interesting sites / offices, and organisation of one or more visits
  • Support and recommendations

You are planning to acquire a company or form a joint-venture:

According to the required profile, we search the best companies for an external growth operation on the market.

  • Identification of interesting companies according to a precise mission statement and specifications
  • Contact and assessment of the industrial, business, and financial profile of the local companies for a potential acquisition
  • Shortlist of the most interesting companies and organisation of one or more visits
  • Support during the visits and during the negotiations, recommendations