Our Team

Ana Isabel Fernández

17 years of experience in export management and business consulting on the Spanish and French markets

Ana Fernández graduated from a business school and  holds a French-Iberian International Business DESS.

She started her professional career in the Franco-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and for ACC1Ó (the Catalonian Agency for Business Competitiveness) providing support to companies that aimed to develop on the French market.

In 1997, she joined ERAI (Agency for the international Economy development of the French Rhône-Alpes Region) in Barcelona, first as a Project Manager and in 2002 as Director: her mission consisted in offering and implementing business services to the French companies who aimed to develop on the Spanish market.

“We have created Aperti Export in order to make the international development of the company easier, and eliminate the  distance barrier. Thanks to our proximity to the market, we are able to simplify the international business and allow our customers to reduce the costs, time and efforts dedicated to it. We provide them a solid experience and an in-depth knowledge of the market.”

With Aperti Export, created in collaboration with Jérôme Lefaure, she wanted to bring her knowledge of the Spanish and French markets to the companies, wether they are newly developing the export sales or they want to consolidate them. She also wanted to provide this experience through innovating and pragmatic service packages, based on the  dedication of experimented country managers to the companies.

Jérôme Lefaure

12 years of experience in export sales and business consulting on the Spanish and French markets

Jérôme Lefaure’s background includes nearly 15 years of international business consulting. Upon graduating from Sciences Po Paris, Jérôme Lefaure settled in Barcelona in 2002. As a Project manager for ERAI (International Development Agency of the Rhône-Alpes Region), he was in charge of the international sales development, mainly for SMEs, on the Spanish and French markets.

“Thanks to our international experience, we’re aware of the obstacles that arise from opening or developing new markets. We developed Aperti’s offer to deal with those difficulties and reach faster and more reliable results. Our local support for your international sales offers, in your target markets, the type of presence a country manager would provide.”

Jérôme Lefaure has managed projects for more than 10 years and for many different companies, including exploring markets and validating demand, creating distribution network, searching for customers, setting up subsidiaries as well as hiring staff. This has given him a wide understanding of key sectors of both countries as well as a solid know-how and added value regarding the differentiated approach of the Spanish and French contacts

In a bid to add a direct and effective range of services to the existing export consultancy market, he launched Aperti Export with Ana Isabel Fernández: specifically focusing on business development, Aperti Export allows companies to approach foreign markets as directly as their domestic market.