Evaluate the market potential

Rely on a locally established partner and market expert to estimate your product’s potential.


You aim to evaluate your product’s potential on our market:

We validate the viability of your project with a panel of professionals of your sector (resellers, customers, purchasing advisors…) and we advise you on the best strategy.

  • Presentation of your products or services to a targeted and representative sample of potential customers
  • Market study: benchmark on competitors’ offer and prices, sales channel identification… and positioning of your offer in relation to the target market
  • Debriefing and recommendations for the next stages

You want to learn more about the market, the price, the competitors:

We draw up a full study of your sector (players and competitors, sales channels, legal requirements, etc.).

  • Search for key information to understand your market organization
  • According to your needs, we collect the customized data that is relevant in your sector

We identify shops, merchandising, and we realize a benchmark on prices and positioning of competitors.

  • We look for competitors and business information
  • We realize a benchmark on prices